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Xede Engine Management


The XEDE is an interceptor style Engine Management System. It generates changes in fueling and ignition timing by changing the factory ECU’s load and crank reference input signals. It has the additional functions of two stage intercooler water spray control or potentially any other on/off or PWM function including injector drive for an additional injector. The XEDE can generate data logs and importantly can also store two separate programs which can be changed at the flick of a switch while driving – 98 Octane or 91 Octane fuel maps.

The XEDE Processor is a sophisticated tuning tool that gives any dyno programmer control over the engine management system without having to learn the fine nuances of each vehicle’s engine management system. The web based XMap software is available free to custom tune for accurate results.

How the XEDE Works

The XEDE Processor integrates with an existing (usually factory) Engine Management System. The operation of the XEDE is to modify the signals from the Air flow meter / Map sensor and the Crankshaft position sensor before the factory ECU sees the signals. By changing the values of these signals, the resultant outputs from the ECU will be changed.


  • Most factory parameters are retained
  • Cold start functions
  • Idle control
  • Knock sensor functions
  • Closed loop control
  • Limp home operating strategies
  • Fan and Air Conditioner controls
  • Immobiliser function

Base Tuning Maps Supplied

  • Bullet’s extensive database of performance programs collated from years of Supercharging vehicles can give you a great start point for further fine tuning on your vehicle
  • Base maps can be emailed on request

Customer Support

  • Ongoing local Research & Development
  • Tuning email and phone support available

General Features

  • Base program downloaded to suit specific application
  • Two unique tuning map banks that allow optional setup for dual fuel map operation switched via a dash mounted switch
  • Up to 400 adjustment points per tuning map
  • Optional output for auxiliary boost injector or intercooler water spray
  • Unit has a fully sealed, rugged and lightweight housing
  • Live data display through XMap tuning software


XEDE ECU with base map
installed, wiring loom, dual
map switch, 2 Bar map sensor,
tuning software and vehicle
specific wiring diagram



Includes custom dyno tune


A 2 bar map sensor will be needed when using the XEDE on a supercharge vehicle

Wolf V500 Engine Management


Information coming soon! Call us now for prices and details on Wolf Systems.

ADR 37-01 Compliance Kit to suit 1UZ-FE V8 Engines


This kit will convert your standard 1UZ-FE engine into a 2002 ADR 37-01 compliance engine. This compliancy is useful for people transplanting the 1UZ-FE engine into a 2002 and earlier vehicle and who are looking for full registration and insurance ability. The kit comes with a certificate for your engineer and/or state transport departments stating the testing procedures and results.

Compliancy is available for both Naturally Aspirated and Bullet Supercharged 1UZ-FE engines

The Kit Contains

  • Autronic SM4 ECU – with applicable program installed.
  • Air Temperature Sensor to suit Autronic SM4
  • Data Cable to suit Autronic SM4
  • Oxygen Sensor to suit Autronic SM4
  • Complete plug and play Engine loom – comes with all new wiring, terminals and wiring diagram
  • Carbon Cannister
  • Air Filter panel filter to suit GM style air box
  • 2 x High Flow Metal Catalytic convertors
  • Standard loom is required for changeover plug casings and factory loom holders. Extra cost if standard loom is not provide

Bullet can supply any Aftermarket Engine management system to suit your preference or budget. Brands include Autronic, Microtech, Wolf and EMS.

A full range of EFI components are also available, including High Flow injectors in any size, Injector seals, Oxygen sensors, Ignitors and Coils.