Engine & Parts

1UZ FE Engine

Forced Induction Engine

  • Ready for your Turbo or Supercharger system.
  • Complete long motor, fully remanufactured and detailed hi-flow heads
  • Forged pistons (9:1 Comp)
  • Timing belts and gears.
  • Blue printed and Balanced.



Race Engine

  • Race engines to suit Multiple, Dual or Oversize Throttle Bodies
  • Hi-flow heads and cams, forged pistons (10.5:1)
  • Blue printed and Balanced
  • Engine comes with timing belts, gears and cams dialed in.



Bullet Supercharged Engine

  • Up to 430HP (ADR 37.01)
  • Ready to start forced induction engine, includes Autronic ECU
  • New looms (plug into firewall)
  • Dual throttle body, Air cleaner, Hi-Flow catalytic converter, New belts, idlers and ancillaries.
  • Fully Blue printed, Balanced and Detailed.



Bullet Quad Cam V8 Engine

  • Quad Cam V8 300 HP (ADR 37.01)
  • Ready to start normally aspirated engine
  • Includes Autronic ECU. New looms (plug into firewall)
  • Hi-flow catalytic converter
  • Air cleaner
  • Fully Blue printed, Balanced and Detailed
  • New belts, idlers and ancillaries.



Bullet High Flow cast Intake Manifold

After years of development, Bullet has designed a dedicated Supercharger Intake manifold to suit the 1UZ-FE engine. The manifold features

  • Bolt on Removable top plate – Allows different superchargers to be used with a quick change of the top plate, rather than a whole new manifold. Our top plates are CNC cut to perfection and have full chamfered edges to aid in flow. Top plates are available for a wide variety of Superchargers, including the Terracharger M90, GM Commodore M90, Buick M90, Ford Thunderbird M90, Ford Lightning M112 and Harrop HTV1900
  • Unrivalled flow design – Manifold has individual runners cast in which promote faster Air speed and less disrupting turbulence
  • Superior External design – Utilises the factory or Bullet High flow injectors, factory fuel rails and Rubber seals. The manifold easily clears the starter motor and In-valley heater pipe whilst keeping the height to an absolute minimum. This means that the Supercharger will fit under the standard bonnet profile



(including top plate)

Bullet Supercharged Intercooler to suit 1UZ Bullet Supercharger inlet manifold


Bullet design, manufactured and patented high efficiency air to water inter cooler to suit Bullet 1uz inlet manifold. Can be retro fitted to all existing Bullet 1UZ supercharger installations.


  • Lightweight double o’ring water fitting to suit 3/4inch hose,
  • CNC machined billet outer casing to ensure a perfect fit between manifold and Bullet top plate.


  • Reduces intake charge temp by up to 60deg c
  • Increases power due to higher density inlet charge and further increase can be obtained by increasing boost pressure and timing advance
  • Prevents detonation



(including top plate)

Price is for manifold inter cooler core, core casing and fittings only.Requires electric pump and front inter cooler radiator to complete the installation, these will vary depending on application.

Please contact Bullet Cars for fitting cost and availability.

Bullet Performance High Flow Heads

Fully serviced with 3 angle valve seats, new valve stem seals, inlet and exhaust ports, fully ported and flowed and combustion chamber polished. Bullet performance valve springs fitted.


per set exchange

Bullet Performance Valve Springs

Bullet Performance Valve Springs
When you need to transfer the exact movement of the camshaft, the highest quality valve spring is required. Bullet Performance valve springs have significantly increased seat pressure over standard, allowing cleaner combustion at high RPM in high powered engines. A must for Supercharged engines or engines with high lift cams.
Coil Bind: .835
Open Pressure: 160 @ .990
Seat Pressure: 55 @ 1.390


Remote Oil Filter Adaptor

CNC Machined from Billet Aluminium, this block comes with anodised fittings and bolts directly to the 1UZ block. Allows fitment of remote Oil filter adaptor. Braided Oil lines are available on request


Bullet Billet Inlet and Exhaust Cams

Made from the highest quality SG Cast Iron Billet material, these cams can be ground from a blank billet to either our set specifications or your own.


(set of two)

Water Pump


Cam Belt


Cam Idler Bearing


Cam Tensioner Bearing
(Complete Tensioner)


ACL Race Bearings Mains


ACL Race Bearings Conrods


Full Engine Gasket Set


Tappet Cover Gaskets


Head Gasket


Inlet Manifold Gaskets


Supercharger Manifold Gaskets


Rotor Button


Distributor Cap


Front Main Seal


Rear Main Seal


Injectors (Various)


High Performance Leads


ARP Rod Bolts


ARP Head Stud Kit


Ross Forged Pistons 8.5:1 or 10.5:1


Walbro Fuel Pump


Sard Fuel Pump


2 Bar Map Sensor


Boosta Pump


Fan Belts (Various)


Pulley Bearings (Various)


Piston Ring Sets


Prices subject to change anytime without notice