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Supercharger Kits /  Subaru  / 2000 – 2007 SOHC 2.0 litre Flat 4 cylinder Subaru Impreza



2000 – 2007 SOHC 2.0 litre Flat 4 cylinder Subaru Impreza

Developed and manufactured in house by Bullet Cars utilising the C30-74 Rotrex Supercharger, this kit will transform your standard non turbo Impreza into a WRX beating machine! This Intercooled kit produces more than 70% gain on a standard engine and over 100% power gains can be safely achieved with the fitment of a good exhaust system with extractors. The power delivery from the Rotrex Supercharger is extremely smooth and gives instantaneous boost without lag. With an OEM style installation this kit will suit the owner who is looking for a discreet performance upgrade.

OEM high quality Installation with virtually silent Supercharger operation
Designed to suit an internally standard factory engine
Over 70% power increase on a standard engine with minimal boost pressure
Does not require fuel pump or injector upgrades

Parts Included:
Rotrex C30-74 Supercharger @ 10psi
Rotrex Self contained Oiling system with Oil cooler
Bullet Supercharger CNC machined Mounting bracket with idler pulley setup
Bullet 5PK Ribbed drive belt
Bullet Aluminium Intake piping with silicon hoses and hose clamps
Bullet Auxiliary boost injector with mounting system
Bullet recirculating bypass valve
All high quality Fasteners and hoses required for Installation
Bullet high efficiency Water to Air Intercooler with front mounted radiator and
     high flow pump (Intercooled Kit only)
Please note: This kit must be fitted in conjunction with an engine management solution

$4490 – Non Intercooled Kit
$6490 – Water to Air Intercooled Kit
$3790 – Rotrex DIY kit -  (What's in a DIY Kit?)

Fitting: $1200

Time: 1-2 Days

XEDE piggyback ECU with 2 bar map sensor, dual map capability and base map installed
Ceramic coated extractors and high flow exhaust system
Custom Dyno tuning
JBT Brake Upgrade

Dyno Sheet:


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