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BOOST UPGRADE KIT - TRD Supercharged Hilux 4.0 litre V6 (1GRFE)

With over 14 years of supercharging Toyota vehicles, Bullet Cars has turned their attention to the recently released factory Supercharged TRD Hilux. After numerous calls from owners wanting more, Bullet has released the only upgrade package on the market. Consisting of exhaust, ECU and boost pulley, this kit is for the owner who is looking to turn their TRD Hilux into a real sports truck.

The standard Toyota factory headers are very restrictive and a good increase in power and torque can be achieved with the Bullet Ultimate Exhaust system. These exhausts have been thoroughly tested for engine light problems and utilise the latest in C.T.B (Ceramic Thermal Barrier) coatings to minimise under hood temperature. From the laser cut flange plates to the chrome tip, the entire system is fully mandrel bent utilising all the factory mounting points on the vehicle. This means that there are No chassis modifications needed to fit the exhaust to the vehicle.

Increasing the exhaust size to a high flowing 2/3/4 Inch system, with no noticeable increase in interior sound levels whilst idling and cruising, the Bullet exhaust gives a wonderful V6 note under full acceleration.

The kit also includes the Bullet XEDE processor with 2 bar map sensor that allows precise tuning of the factory engine management. This also allows the fitment of the dash mounted switch to run dual fuel maps for both 98 octane and 91 octane. Fuel economy can also be drastically improved as these vehicles run extremely rich from factory.
Made from Steel and precisely CNC machined for a perfect press fit, the smaller pulley will be needed to boost the factory level to 6.5 psi once a free flowing exhaust system with extractors has been fitted.

Gains of over 40 kws at the wheels (50+kws at the engine) are easily and safely obtained.

No engine internal modifications needed
Dash mounted switch for 98 octane and 91 octane fuel maps
Extremely discreet fitting and retains factory look
Kit can be installed using the factory fuel injectors and fuel pump


Increase boost by 2psi

Parts Included:
Bullet High Boost Pulley
Bullet Removal and Refittment Tools
Bullet Snout Relief Template
Full Fitting Instructions

$400 is refunded upon return of the tools.


Parts Included:
Bullet Ultimate Exhaust System with Ceramic Thermal Barrier coated long tube Extractors and high flow catalytic
TRD Pulley Upgrade
XEDE ECU with base map installed, wiring loom, dual map switch, tuning
     software and vehicle specific wiring diagram
2 Bar external map sensor

Freight is extra and will depend on location

Fitting: $1500 - Includes Custom Tune

Time: 1 – 2 Days

Custom dyno tune
Bullet Automatic Transmission Upgrade

Dyno Sheet:


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