Supercharger 4.8L i6 TB48DE

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Designed and manufactured in house by Bullet the TB48 Patrol Supercharger system is all that is needed to transform your 4×4 into a capable performance towing vehicle. Utilising a HPS 2100 high efficiency twin screw supercharger the Bullet Patrol system allows the factory TB48 power and torque figures to increase by a massive 50% or more.

The Bullet top mount water to air intercooler is designed for maximum air flow, delivering superior cooling performance and utilises a Plazmaman double core heat exchanger.


  • 280hp at the wheels over 50% power gain.
  • HPS 2100 rotating group
  • High efficiency intercooler system
  • Large double core heat exchanger
  • Designed & Manufactured by Bullet


  • Brake upgrade
  • Exhaust upgrade
  • ECU Reprogramming

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 68 × 42 × 30 cm


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