Bullet Ultimate Exhaust, Toyota 100 Series V8 2UZ-FE

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Bullet Ultimate Exhaust, Toyota 100 Series V8 2UZ-FE $3,490.00



The standard factory headers are very restrictive and a good increase in power and torque can be achieved with the Bullet Ultimate Exhaust system in 409 stainless steel.
These exhausts have been thoroughly tested for engine light problems and utilize the latest in C.T.B (Ceramic Thermal Barrier) coatings to minimize under hood temperature. The entire system is fully mandrel bent utilising all the factory mounting points on the vehicle. This means that there are No chassis modifications needed to fit the exhaust to the vehicle.

Increasing the exhaust size to a high flowing 3 Inch system, with no noticeable increase in interior sound levels whilst idling and cruising, the Bullet exhaust gives a wonderful V8 note under full acceleration.

A gain of between 15 -20% in power and torque can be realized with the fitting of a Bullet exhaust and XEDE processor.

Please note: to reduce the chance of the engine warning light coming, Bullet strongly recommends the fitment of the XEDE processor in conjunction with the exhaust.

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 120 × 42 × 40 cm

1 review for Bullet Ultimate Exhaust, Toyota 100 Series V8 2UZ-FE

  1. Craig

    I purchased this exhaust system from BulletCars for our 100series Toyota Landcruiser 4.7lt V8.I ordered it on the 3rd Nov 2023 and once I had paid the invoice it was shipped to Townsville and it arrived about 3 days later from Brisbane.

    The guys at Bullet Cars were very patient as I had intended to get an exhaust shop in Townsville fit it for me, however, the shop here refused to fit anything that they didnt supply. I then organised Bullet Cars to fit, but a mate of mine who works at an exhaust shop told me he would fit it for me and with the change of plans, Bullet Cars boxed up the exhaust and shipped it to me.

    Once I got the package, I opened it all up and then got the mate to check that everything was there that was needed and the only thing I should get was some new O2 Sensors, which I did purchase.

    The only slight modification required was where the Downstream O2 Sensors were to be fitted, required to get drilled oversize a bit to fit both the New O2 Sensors and the Old O2 Sensors as the sizing was interference fit, not a clearance fit.

    No problems doing that, just a few minutes grinding it out to fit. All Good.

    The exhaust has a nice quiet Growl at low speeds and at cruise speed it isnt drumming or reverberate with other vehicles and if you stomp on the go pedal it isnt obnoxiously loud and is quiet enough to idle around the neighbourhood without upsetting anyone.

    The headers fitted perfectly, and the easiest method of fitting them is to remove all the exhaust studs and fit new studs, which I got from Repco and new Posilock nuts from Toyota.

    The performance has picked up and it feels like it picked up an extra 50hp, but that is probably because the old cats were getting blocked and it was down on power.

    With the new exhaust it is good to drive again and when you want to stomp on the go pedal it performs quite well.

    I should have done this years ago. I love the exhaust note, just would have liked a polished stainless steel exhaust tip, but thats just a nice to have

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