HTV1900 Supercharger kit 4.0L V8 1UZ-FE

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HTV1900 Supercharger kit 4.0L V8 1UZ-FE $7,490.00
Addon Details
HTV1900 Supercharger kit 4.0L V8 1UZ-FE $7,490.00
Addon Details
HTV1900 Supercharger kit 4.0L V8 1UZ-FE $7,490.00


Breathtaking performance with ultra high efficiency ‘ Bullet’s world first High boost upgrade for the 1UZ-FE utilising the HTV1900 Supercharger.

Forget the M90 or M112, this is the Supercharger to have nestled confidently on your engine. This kit has been developed to meet the needs of those 1UZ owners chasing a real world 250kws+ at the wheels. The Harrop HTV1900 is a Roots-type supercharger manufactured utilising the latest Eaton TVS (Twin Vortices Series) rotating assembly. The Eaton TVS rotating assembly features twin four-lobe rotors, twisted 160 degrees. By comparison, the original Eaton superchargers (for example ‘ the M90) features three lobes twisted 60 degrees. The fourth lobe and added twist, when combined with redesigned air inlet and outlet ports, creates a smoother, more efficient flow of air into the engine. In addition to improved overall efficiency, the Eaton TVS supercharger has improved noise and vibration characteristics as well.

The HTV1900 kit is a true OEM style kit utilising the renowned Bullet High Flow cast intake manifold. From the CNC cut top plate to the unique Bullet high flow rear entry, the Bullet kit is unrivalled in engineering precision and product development. The HTV1900 delivers maximum boost from ‘off idle’ all the way to the redline, maximum torque at lower engine speeds and drastically reduced air intake temperatures when compared to the M90 and M112. The HTV1900 can support boost levels in excess of 15psi and with the increase in efficiency, produces unlimited high rpm power that easily outperforms any other 1UZ positive displacement Supercharger kit on the market. Guaranteed.

For maximum gains, Bullet recommends a complete standalone engine management system to take full advantage of this Supercharger’s potential.


  • Bullet’s world renowned cast intake manifold with removable top plate
  • Ultra High Efficiency HTV1900 positive displacement supercharger
  • OEM style installation
  • Fits under standard Soarer bonnet
  • Capable of boost levels exceeding 15psi
  • Power in excess of 300 rear wheel kilowatts with intercooler is possible
  • Ideal kit for forged internals

Parts Included

  • Harrop HTV1900 Positive Displacement Supercharger and bolt-on pulley
  • Bullet High Flow Cast Intake Manifold with removable CNC machined top plate
  • Bullet High Flow Cast Rear Intake manifold
  • Internal Bypass Valve with optional interchangeable boost delivery system
  • Idler Bearing with mounting boss
  • Engine and Supercharger 6PK Drive Belt
  • New intake manifold gaskets, nuts and bolts
  • New bottom Injector seals
  • Intake piping to air cleaner with Idle air control valve provision
  • Comprehensive Installation Instructions
  • Technical support available via Email and Phone

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 68 × 42 × 30 cm


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