ROTREX C30 Range

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The C30 is a range of centrifugal superchargers with a very versatile application range. Countless number of medium size applications can be boosted by this very efficient and silent unit which supplies air flow up to 0.39 kg/s.

Impeller speeds of up to 100,000 rpm for the C30-94 and up to 120,000 rpm for the C30-64, C30-74 and C30-84 are achieved through the patented hi-speed planetary traction drive which combines small size with exceptional performance and durability. The very low noise and vibration characteristic as well as the high efficiency of these superchargers set the industry standard for what is achievable.

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The C30 range of superchargers is designed for four stroke gasoline engines. However two stroke engines or even diesel engines can benefit from these superchargers with remarkable results. Depending on the application the C30 will support engine outputs up to 320kW. Where one supercharger is not enough, it is possible to use two units to support large amounts of power in a twin-charger configuration. The C30 can also supply clean pressurized air for other applications such as industrial systems, exhaust gas after-treatment systems, agriculture applications, fuel cell power plants etc.

The groundbreaking compact size enables a very flexible supercharger installation particularly on engine applications with tight space and where weight and size are essential. Rotrex uses as standard an 8 ribbed poly V-belt pulley in high strength steel. Pulley diameter ranges from 70 to 110mm in 5mm steps.

The supercharger can be ordered with the compressor housing mounted in one of six different outlet positions with 60 degree intervals to allow easy adoption to any application. For specific outlet positions please refer to dimension drawing found in this document.

Power Range

160HP to 430HP

Technical Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm
C30 Model

C30-64, C30-74, C30-84, C30-94


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