Supercharge kit HTV 2300 6.1L V8 Hemi

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THE Positive Displacement supercharger kit Chrysler Hemi owners have been waiting for.

Covering a wide range of vehicles including the SRT8, this Supercharger system delivers exhilarating yet affordable supercharger performance, representing exceptional value and reliability. The increase in useable power is outstanding, while maintaining fuel economy.
With the Supercharger conveniently located in the engine V, the Bullet kit is visually captivating from the time the hood is lifted. Get ready to be noticed!

Utilising the latest technology and the most innovative rotor design in decades from the world leaders in Supercharger development ‘ Eaton, The Harrop HTV series of Superchargers deliver unparalleled boost response and power.
The HTV2300 is the perfect choice for the Chrysler owner looking for a fantasitc power upgrade whilst retaining everyday driveability.

This kit uses the Bullet designed patented cast intake manifold which comes with the Bullet Water to Air Intercooler. With a unique Directional flow core, this Intercooler provides maximum cooling with minimal air restriction.

As with all Bullet Supercharger systems, we stand behind our product 100% and guarantee satisfaction.


  • Exhilarating performance with maximum boost available throughout the rev range
  • Simple Bolt-on kits designed for factory or modified engines
  • Removable top plate allowing easy change in Supercharger units without new manifolding
  • High flow cast manifold designed to fit Bullet directional Intercooler core
  • Fits under standard bonnet profile ‘ no need for ugly bonnet modifications
  • Exceptional off boost driveability

Parts Included

  • SRT8 Intake Manifold
  • Supercharger mounting plate
  • Oil filler and cap
  • Fuel Rail posts
  • PCV valve
  • HTV2300 Supercharger and Dia.70mm Pulley
  • Rear entry
  • 2 Bar Map Sensor
  • Idler Pulleys and mount kit
  • Drive Belt
  • Polished Stainless Steel CAI kit
  • Hi-flow Injectors
  • Full colour detailed step by step instruction

Water to Air Intercooler Kit

  • Unique Bullet Directional Intercooler core
  • High Flow water pump and electrical controller
  • Front mounted water radiator with easy mounting brackets
  • Water reservoir with cap
  • Pre-cut to size Heater hoses with clamps
  • All nuts, bolts, wiring and hardware
  • Full colour detailed step by step instructions

Not included:

  • Diablo Predator Flash Tuner

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 68 × 42 × 30 cm


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