BULLET/Rotrex Supercharger Kit – Toyota 4.0L V6 1GR-FE

After having designed the world first positive displacement Supercharger kit back in 2005 when the 1GR-Fe engine was first released, Bullet is proud to release the first Rotrex Supercharged system for the Toyota Hilux, Tacoma and international 79 Series.

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The Rotrex is the ONLY centrifugal Supercharger that is used as OEM factory fitment on a production car ‘ the world speed record holder Koenigsegg CCX.

Developed and manufactured in house, the Toyota 1GR-Fe installation is an exciting OEM style kit.

Designed to suit an internally standard engine, the intercooled Bullet/Rotrex kit reliably increases power to over 200 kws at the wheels! This is a gain of over 50% and is achieved with only 8psi of boost pressure. The power delivery from the Rotrex Supercharger is extremely smooth and feels like a factory installation. With unmatched boost response and silent operation, it really does turn the 4L Toyota into an exciting well balanced sports truck!

  • Latest in Centrifugal Supercharger technology ‘ unmatched boost response
  • Virtually silent Supercharger running at idle and cruise ‘ no gear noise or whine
  • Easier to fit than other Supercharger kits
  • Designed to give maximum power from a internally standard engine
  • Can be installed using the factory injectors and fuel pump
  • Kits to suit all budgets ‘ comes in either DIY, Non-Intercooled or Intercooled
Parts Included
  • C38 Rotrex Supercharger with internal Oil pump, oil reservoir, oil filter, oil lines and clamps, 1 litre of special traction oil and external Oil cooler
  • Supercharger mounting bracketry with unique dynamic tensioner system
  • Custom air to liquid Intercooler with front radiator and electric pump
  • Alloy Intake Piping with silicon hoses and clamps
  • High flow quality Air filter
  • High flow-bypass valve
  • Auxiliary boost injector with custom mount
  • Drive belt, all hoses, and fasteners
  • Step by step installation instructions and full phone/email support

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 68 × 42 × 30 cm


  1. Jay Grenfell

    Transformation is incredible!!! I bought this kit to fit to my V6 4.0 2015 (8th gen) Hilux SR5 automatic. Kit is well made & I was very happy with the quality & workmanship of all the components. I had the kit professionally installed by my mechanic here in Melbourne, complete with the intercooler & performance exhaust. It all fitted up as it should with no issues (well done Bullet)! Kit has been on the car now for around 6 years without any problems. The power comes on strong & smooth & I am very happy with the result. The engine was dyno’d after the install & produces 250rwkw & around 480nm of torque. Highway towing is a breeze & the power/ torque curve when sitting on 100kph is perfect. I recommend this upgrade to anyone considering. This kit is the best upgrade I have done to my Hilux. After driving this car with forced induction, I don’t think I’ll ever own an normally aspirated car again!!!

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