Supercharger Kit 5.7L V8 3UR-FE

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Supercharger Kit 5.7L V8 3UR-FE $13,490.00


This supercharger kit is perfect for an owner who tows or uses their vehicle for off road workouts. The Positive displacement Supercharger system has been developed with reliability being the main focus. Small boost levels of only 5 psi allow the engine to comfortably perform without stressing internal components, whilst delivering exceptional power and torque increases. The Supercharger delivers maximum boost from off idle all the way to the engine redline. This means that instantaneous torque is available down low where you need it ‘ when taking off from a standing start with a heavy load or caravan on the back or when in low range on a sandy beach or in boggy mud.

Fuel economy remains the same (if not slightly better) on average due to the increased torque available from the engine, with returns of under 18 litres per 100kms easily achievable when towing. More power is developed down lower in the engine rev range meaning the engine does not have to rev as hard to produce the same level of power. This is most noticeable when towing up a hill ‘ the gearbox does not have to downshift as often as more torque is available through the mid-range.

The XEDE processor allows fine tuning of the engine to match the characteristics of the supercharger. This ECU piggybacks with the standard factory ECU, which still controls all factory idle and warm-up settings. This ECU comes with a base program that will allow you to wire it in and drive the vehicle to your nearest tuning facility for fine tuning as well as a dash mountable switch that allows dual map switching for different fuel octane ratings (95 or 98).

Parts Included

  • Magnuson Supercharger using Eaton TVS rotors ‘ 5psi
  • High flow cast Intake manifold with removable CNC top plate
  • Internal water to air intercooler core, front mounted water radiator, reservoir, high flow water pump, relay and all water hoses (Intercooled version only)
  • High flow rear entry with CNC machined flanges and vacuum ports
  • Drive setup with new drive belt and idler pulley
  • Filtered air intake hose with vacuum distribution block
  • New radiator hose and modified front water crossover (exchange basis)
  • All brackets, hoses and fasteners
  • Step by step installation instructions and full phone/email support

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 75 × 50 × 40 cm


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