Sprintex Head Units

Sprintex Superchargers

Sprintex Superchargers is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Automotive Technology Group based in Perth, Western Australia. Bullet and Sprintex have a strong relationship that goes back to 2001 when the first V8 Bullet sports car was Supercharged and fully emissions complied by Sprintex in their perth facility.

The origins of Sprintex began in the United Kingdom over 25 years ago where the first patented Twin-Screw Sprintex unit was produced. Since those beginnings, the Sprintex unit has been developed, evolving from the S102 twin screw to the current fifth generation Sprintex Unit.

Sprintex is unique as it is one of only a select number of companies around the world that produces a twin helical screw type supercharger, for which it holds world wide patents.

The patented Sprintex twin screw supercharger is a mechanically driven rotary compressor with two helical lobed rotors, which rotate in opposite directions. One rotor takes the form of the left-hand helix, the other the right hand helix and the two mesh together to form chambers which carry the air. The rotors never touch, but are timed by a pair of gears operating in a lubricated chamber which is separated from the rotor chamber.

The advantages of installing a Sprintex Supercharger Kit in your vehicle are considerable with increases in power (35%), improved torque from idle (35%), absence of lag and of course improved driving performance.

Higher boost levels and power increases of 100% are possible with suitably modified engines.

The high efficiency low boost nature of the Sprintex Supercharger results in lower discharge temperatures and greater volumetric efficiency therefore ensuring maximum performance output without sacrificing the life of your engine.

Technology – Concept

It has now been established that as most car manufacturers move towards smaller engine capacities to meet demanding emissions and economy standards, that supercharging provides one of the most effective solutions for increased performance from smaller capacity engines without the penalty of higher emissions.

The patented Sprintex supercharger is a positive displacement unit with its patented twin-helical rotor profile unique only to Sprintex. This allows for lower discharge temperatures and higher volumetric efficiency, which in turn assists with engine bay packaging. The Sprintex unit in low boost configuration, in most cases, will not require inter-cooling. It operates effectively in both OEM and aftermarket installations and has been the subject of many years of ongoing research and development.

Screw superchargers have long been the choice of engine builders in extreme motor sports such as drag racing. As an example, the Sprintex supercharged Triumph produces 1,600 BHP from 1400cc and currently holds the Australian top speed and quarter mile records, as well as being the 2004 Australian Top Bike Champion.