1.5L VTEC Gen II Engine


Honda 1.5L VTEC gen II engine. Suit Honda City, Fit, Freed and Jazz


Sprintex is unique as it is one of only a select number of companies around the world that produces a twin helical screw type supercharger, for which it holds world wide patents.

The advantages of installing a Sprintex Supercharger Kit in your Honda City, Freed, fit or Jazz are considerable with Power increase from 74 Kw to over 100Kw and Torque increase from 560Nm to over 700Nm, absence of lag and of course improved driving performance. The high efficiency low boost nature of the Sprintex Supercharger results in lower discharge temperatures and greater volumetric efficiency therefore ensuring maximum performance output without sacrificing the life of your engine.


  • Uses the ultra efficient S5-210 screw compressor which runs cooler and provides a denser charge, creating more power and torque.
  • Suitable for a standard vehicle without the need for any additional upgrades.
  • No cutting or welding of standard body or frame components (completely reversible). Fits under stock hood.
  • No external oil lines to add as the compressor has its own internal oil supply.
  • Sprintex system parts are warranted** for 12 months or 12,000 miles

Export Price


GST Exempt

Australia Price


GST Included



Non Intercooled
Supercharger system


1-2 Days


  • Brake upgrade
  • Exhaust upgrade

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