Y62 Patrol


Nissan Y62 Patrol series 1-4



When it comes to performance the the current Nissan Y62 Patrol has a good starting platform with its factory 5.6L V8 engine. Fitting a supercharger kit is one way to enhance the driving experience dramatically. However with even minor modifications we are able to unleash superior performance and drivability from the VK56 V8 platform. For example the Y62 exhaust system is quite restrictive in stock from and does not give much note to the VK56 engine. Our Bullet Performance Varex stainless steel cat back exhaust not only produces more torque and power throughout the whole rev range it also gives the Y62 Patrol the exhaust note it deserves.

Varex™ mufflers use patented* technology to combine both the design of the stock muffler and the performance muffler into one single compact unit. A sophisticated butterfly valve mechanism is implemented to redirect the exhaust gas flow and vary between the two. For higher sound level, the exhaust flows are directed through the opening path and produce maximum power with a robust sound level (or the “sports car note”) and near-zero resistance.

Whilst for lower sound level, the exhaust flows are directed through the chambered path (similar design with the stock muffler) and produces a minimum sound level that gives you the best in-car comfort. The angle of the valve is also controllable, which can be adjusted to stop at various points between sports mode and silence mode. This gives you further freedom to set the optimal sound level according to your desired preference.


  • Twin 2.25″ collecting Into single 3″ cat back
  • Varex Muffler Centre
  • Rear round resonator
  • Polished stainless steel

Y62 Exhaust


GST Included

Fitting from


Bullet Exhaust system


  • Brake upgrade
  • Exhaust upgrade
  • Ecu Reprogramming