2004 – 2018 1.3 litre
M13A 4 Cylinder


2004 – 2018 1.3 litre M13A 4 Cylinder Suzuki Jimny

We guarantee you the best price on any Rotrex supercharger kit, even when including installation and custom tuning.

How can we guarantee this? Because we are the official Rotrex distributor for all of Australia and New Zealand, and have been so more than a decade. Due to our massive buying power with Rotrex we can obtain any supercharger kit cheaper than the competition, and can then pass this discount on to you, our customer.


Bullet Cars is proud to release another WORLD FIRST, the Rotrex Supercharger system for the M series suzuki motor.

The Rotrex supercharger is the ONLY centrifugal Supercharger that is used as OEM factory fitment on a production car – the world record holder Koenigsegg CCX.

Developed and manufactured in house, the Suzuki Jimny installation is an exciting OEM style kit that will transform your standard Jimny.

Designed to suit an internally standard engine, the Intercooled Bullet Suzuki Jimny kit reliably increases power up to 100 kws at the wheels! This is a gain of up to 100% and is achieved with only 6psi of boost pressure. The power delivery from the Rotrex Supercharger is extremely smooth and feels like a factory installation. With unmatched boost response and Silent operation, Rotrex is THE centrifugal supercharger to have. It really does turn the Jimny into an exciting well balanced 4×4!


  • High quality OEM type installation
  • Designed to suit an internally standard factory engine
  • Over 40% power increase on a standard engine with minimal boost pressure
  • Integrated water to air Intercooler stabilises air intake temperatures

Parts Included

  •  C15-60 supercharger @ 9psi
  • Direct fit High flow injectors
  • Bullet High Efficiency Water to Air Intercooler with high flow pump
  • Front mounted intercooler radiator with high flow Spal fan
  • Custom Drive setup with tensioner pulley
  • Bullet 4PK Ribbed drive belt
  • Bullet recirculating bypass valve
  • All high quality Fasteners and hoses required for Installation

Please note: This kit must be fitted in conjunction with an engine management solution We recommend Xede.



Water to Air Intercooled Kit



Water to Air Intercooled Kit


1 – 2 Weeks


  • XEDE piggyback ECU with 2 bar map sensor, dual map capability and base map installed
  • Ceramic coated extractors and high flow exhaust system
  • Custom Dyno tuning

Dyno Sheet

M18a VVT Jimny Bullet Rotrex Kit 95 KW @ the wheels

Dyno Sheet Comparison of non supercharged power figures

M13A Jimny stock engine makes 45.8kw at the wheels

M16A engine conversion 47 kw at the wheels